Three Oaks Recreation

If you look for a relaxing and refreshing ambiance, Three Oaks Recreation is the best option. It is located in the city of Crystal Lake. Here, you can breathe fresh air and view the beauty of nature. It can offer you with excellent recreation experience since you can enjoy fishing, natural habitat, and pristine waters.

Why Choose Three Oaks Recreation

Three Oaks Recreation is the best place to enjoy quality time with your family and friends or even alone.

Lots of activities to do

You can experience great fun and entertainment because there are lots of things to do in Three Oaks Recreation. You can rent canoes, rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, and paddle boats. The area has gorgeous views of lake islands and water. You can plan a picnic with your loved ones. You can eat lakeside lunch on their outdoor dining patio. Make happy memories at the children-friendly spray park. If you love water adventure, you can try recreational scuba diving. Three Oaks Recreation comes with community scuba schools in their Scuba Zone.

Parking and entrances

You can access the beauty of Three Oaks Recreation without spending more of your budget. Those who have valid city vehicle sticker on their windshield can get free parking. On the other hand, those without a valid city vehicle sticker will pay about $5.00 for each vehicle.

Visitors can enter from the North or West entrance. You can enter the Main Street entrance from the West that is located by Mayfair Furniture and Carpet. If you’re from the North, you can enter through Highway Route 1 entrance that is between Cooper Tire and Harris Bank. Pedestrian pathways can be accessed on the West, East, and North access points.

Adheres to safety measures

Three Oaks Recreation enforces safety measures against Covid-19. They value the safety of people upon their operation. With this, you can enjoy recreational activities in a safe manner.


There’s no need to worry because there are hotels in Crystal Lake where you can stay during your visit. These hotels include Super 8, Comfort Inn, Crystal Lake Motel, County Inn and Suites, and Holiday Inn. You can get a hotel that matches your style and budget.

Shopping and dining

Your adventure will not be complete without shopping and dining. Fortunately, there are lots of dining and shopping destinations near the Three Oaks Recreation. You can find locals, shops, and retailers for your shopping needs. There are also fast food and fine dining in the restaurants in the area where you can enjoy eating delicious foods with your family, friends or special someone.

Friendly and approachable staff

The staff in Three Oaks Recreation are approachable and professional when it comes to dealing with guests.

Complete facilities

The recreational destination has complete facilities such as a full locker room, administration offices, shower facilities, a restaurant, a maintenance garage, and emergency services.

Relaxing place to unwind

Three Oaks Recreation is a great place to unwind and release your stress. Do you want to enjoy water adventure and other fun activities? What are you waiting for? Visit Three Oaks Recreation today!

If you love parks, it is a good idea to visit Veteran Acres Park.

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