When To Call A Water Damage Restoration Company vs. A Plumber

If you’ve ever had flooding inside your home or business due to a leaky pipe, your first instinct may be to hire a plumber. But the long lasting structural damage that results from flooding may call for a different kind of contractor. A water damage restoration company is more specialized to deal with the effects of flooding not just through repairing the cause of the flooding, but also through mitigating the water, repairing the water damage to your building, and restoring any structures or items that have been damaged.

Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company

It’s many people’s first instinct to hire a plumber if they’re experienced flooding in their building. But the scope of what a plumber can do in a situation like that is actually pretty limited. Plumbers are typically called in for minor leaks or for preventative maintenance, but if you experience any kind of large scale flooding in your building, it would be better to hire a water damage restoration company. They will do everything a plumber would do, plus….

  • Full Inspection: A water damage restoration company will conduct a full inspection on the damage to your building to determine where the flooding originated from and the full extent of the damage that resulted from the flooding. They’ll have access to professional equipment that can measure and detect the amount of water that has seeped into structures like flooring or walls.
  • Water removal: Through the use of vacuums and pumps, they can extract all the water that’s been accumulated. And through the use of industrial fans and humidifiers they can ensure all water is extracted from your building. They can even remove dirty water, such as sewage.
  • Water cleanup and repair: A water damage restoration company will clean and disinfect the structures and personal items that have been damaged by flooding to prevent mold growth. They will repair the damage that caused the flooding and the damage that resulted from the flooding.
  • Water damage restoration: Most of all, they will do everything in their power to restore your building to the way it was before the flooding took place, which can include reconstruction and rebuilding services.

Hiring a water damage restoration company for when flooding occurs in your home is the best choice because they’re equipped to handle the big jobs that many plumbers don’t cover. They handle all steps of the process so you know one company is in charge of the entire repair process.

Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

When you’re looking to hire a professional water damage restoration company, it’s important you find a contractor you can trust. Excel Restoration is a company that has served communities including Crystal Lake, Lakewood, Cary, McHenry, Barrington, Lake Zurich, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, Glenview and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

“We are proud to serve the community with our professional service that’s guaranteed to meet all the requirements of each job we take on,” said owner Justin Parat.

Excel is there through every step of the water damage restoration process so you know that you’re getting complete coverage. They also offer services in water mitigation and sewage cleanup. To learn more about how to get a free estimate you can visit their website at https://exceldryout.com/water-damage-restoration/ or call them at (224) 412-5222.

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