Eliminate Lingering Odor By Hiring A Professional Odor Removal Company

With everyone spending so much time indoors these days, it’s important to keep your home or business smelling fresh and clean. There are a variety of factors that can lead to odor in your building such as water damage, fire damage, and pets. It can be hard to focus on a hard day’s work when your place of business is emitting distracting smells. It can be embarrassing for you and the people who share your residence with. But by hiring an odor removal company you can ensure that your home or business is a place people want to spend time in. 

Services offered by an odor removal company

Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services is an odor removal company that offers a variety of services related to different kinds of odors. Excel knows that odors can come from different sources and thus, require different solutions. 

“Here at Excel, we do our best to make sure every odor removal job is handled with the individual care required to make your home smell as fresh as possible,” says owner Justin Parat. The surfaces that emit odors can result from different factors, so Excel has specialized their methods to meet every individual problem head on. 

  • Pet odor removal: With the presence of COVID-19, many people are now having to spend a lot more time at home with their pets. Although having a pet can bring a lot of joy to a person’s life, they can leave a lot of odor behind. Excel is an odor removal company that specializes in pet urine odor removal.
  • Musty odor removal: Water damage caused by storms or leaky appliances can lead to mold growth. This mold is what causes the musty smell you may experience after your building has experienced water damage. Excel works to find the source so they musty smell is gone for good. 
  • Smoke smell removal: After you’ve had a fire in your home, the smoke smell can still linger even if the damage has otherwise been repaired. This smoke smell can cause respiratory issues and potentially make people sick. The team at Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services works to ensure the smoke smell is gone entirely. They can also help remove smoke smell caused by cigarettes.

The difference an odor removal company can make

Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services is an odor removal company that knows how important it is to have a home or business that is a place where people feel comfortable spending time. Excel provides odor removal services to McHenry County in Illinois and the surrounding areas. Their services are guaranteed to rid your home or business of the odors that may prevent you from enjoying your home or businesses comfortably. Excel Fire And Water Damage Restoration Services also offers indoor air quality tests to determine if the air inside your home is safe. To learn more about the services Excel offers as an odor removal company and to see how you can get a free estimate, visit their website at https://exceldryout.com/odor-removal/ or call their number at (224) 412-5222.

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