Merkel Aquatic Center

Summer days are perfect time to plunge into cool, refreshing water and one of the best and popular summer destinations in McHenry, Illinois is Merkel Aquatic Center. Whether you want to be solo or bond with the entire family, this aquatic center is worth the try.

General Programs

Merkel Aquatic Center’s general programs let you choose between lap swim and aqua aerobics. Make sure to make an advance registration.

In the lap swim, only 6 guests are only allowed per week. Mind that swimmers need to start on the lane’s opposite ends. They also need to use the split swim technique. Only a maximum of two swimmers must use the per unless others are part of the same group.

Showers and bathrooms are available for emergency use. The management ensures that the bathroom is cleaned throughout the day.

While on the pool deck, swimmers are required to wear a mask and to continue maintaining social distancing.

Open Swim

Open swim sessions are based on block scheduling that comes with limited time. Each swim session only accommodates a total of 45 guests. Proper sanitation and contract tracing are strictly observed in block scheduling.

In case of late arrival, the guest still needs to pay full admission, and will have reduced swimming time. Swimmers must vacate the facility after the block session. This allows the staff to clean and disinfect the facility.

No shared equipment or toys will be distributed. Guests can use the available life jackets. Upon returning, they need to place them in the dirty bin. The staff will clean and disinfect the life jackets.

Private Parties

The Merkel Aquatic Center also hosts private parties. A maximum of 45 guests are only allowed. The concessions window is where the guests must check in.

Two loungers or deck chairs are only allowed for each family group. Mind that guests cannot move from the location to follow the guidelines on social distancing. Life jackets are also available for use, but no shared equipment or toys will be distributed.

Showers and bathrooms are available for emergency use. The staff will clean the bathrooms throughout the day. Every other day, lost and found are being disposed of. Concessions are temporarily not available at the facility.

Beat the Heat with the Merkel Aquatic Center!

When the hot summer’s day strikes, the best destination for everyone is Merkel Aquatic Center. Whether you are learning how to swim or want to improve your skills, this aquatic center is a perfect spot for you. Besides, you can bring your entire family and create new memories together. 

Are you adventure lover and ready for a great outdoor experience? Visit Moraine Hills State Park.

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