McBark Dog Park

Situated in the northern corner of Kohl’s store on Illinois right-of-way property, McBark Dog Park is one of the most favorites and visited recreation and dog parks throughout the state. Parking is very easy.

Large Running Areas

McBark Dog Park is known for its large running areas. You have nothing to worry about direct sunlight because there are plenty of shaded areas dedicated to dogs. Running water and onsite parking is also available.

From 7:00 am to dusk, you and your furry buddy can enjoy the entire park. This dog park lets the two of you exercise and socialize all-year-round. As you probably know, these two things are essential for the overall health of your dog.

Responsible Pet Ownership

No matter how busy you are, it is essential for you to provide your pets with quality time. Visiting  McBark Dog Park helps you to become a responsible pet owner. Aside from improving their physical health, you are also enhancing their social skills.

While the park is promoting responsible pet ownership, your dog gets an opportunity to run off-leash.

Two Separate Areas

One of the best things about bringing your furry best friend to this dog park is that it comes with two separate areas: one for small dogs and the other one is for large dogs. The small dog area is approximately 0.3 acres, while the large dog area is about 3.7 acres.

Annual Pass

If you are a local dog owner, accessing the facility requires you to get an annual pass. Since the gate access is controlled by a system, only dog pass holders are allowed.

Resident: $15
Non-Resident: $25
Additional Dog $10
Additional Pass: $10


The registration process is very easy. You get the registration form online or at the McHenry Recreation Center. Make sure to register in person at McHenry Recreation Center. You can also register via email or fax.

As for the registration requirements, ensure to provide proof of residency for the resident rate, proof of pet’s age/rescue or adopted date/birthdate, vet receipt or distemper vaccinations from the vet, and counter tag number/a certificate of valid rabies.

Safe Space for Owners and Dogs

You and your dog need a place where the two of you can run free and play. McBark Dog Park provides a safe and secure place where your dog can exercise and watch him play.

Since your furry buddy is part of your family, he deserves all the love and care he deserves. One way to do that is to bring him to this dog park regularly. While he is playing and enjoying himself around, you can also unwind.

This dog park offers scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere. So, there’s no way for you and your dog not to enjoy each visit.

Visit McBark Dog Park Now!

Take time to bring your dog to McBark Dog Park and strengthen your relationship. Whether your dog is small or large in size, the park provides a perfect spot for him to have fun, exercise, play, and socialize with other dogs. What are you waiting for? Visit this dog park now!

Are you needing a relaxing night after a long work week? Check out the McHenry Downtown Theatre.

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