Glenview Illinois

Historic Wagner Farm

The Historic Wagner Farm is a North Shore landmark and home to the famous Glenview Farmers Market and Historic Wagner Farm Heritage Center. The Wagner Farm is an educational destination for scout troops, schools, daily visits, and birthday parties. The staff continues to design and incorporate fascinating programs and events that give visitors a taste of local farm life in the past and the critical role farming plays in contemporary culture.


This 18.6-acre historic property is the final vestige of the farm that the Wagner family has possessed since their 1850s immigration from Trier, Germany. Wagner Farm was family-owned until the death of the last living member, Rose Wagner, in 1997.


Following Rose’s death, a group of local people approached the Glenview Park District’s officials and requested that the land be purchased and preserved. Their goal was for the farm to be preserved as a historic working farm for the community’s education and enjoyment. The park district bought the farm in 2000 with community backing.


Wagner Farm, which receives over 140,000 yearly visitors, has developed into a thriving property that contributes to the community via education and a sufficient supply of vegetables.


Glenview’s Farming Heritage

The park district, with the assistance of community members, began a master planning process to establish parameters for the farm’s future uses and development. The park department followed this master plan in repairing and restoring the barn and farmhouse, adding hens and pigs to the farm’s animals, and introducing a variety of activities and events that allow the public to experience the farm. The park district developed and inaugurated the Historic Wagner Farm Heritage Center Museum in 2006, aided by the Friends of Wagner Farm’s zealous fundraising efforts.

Today, the Historic Wagner Farm is one of the North Shore community’s historic and educational treasures. The farm saw approximately 54,000 visitors in 2007. Additionally, the Historic Wagner Farm became the location of the Glenview Farmers Market in 2007. The market’s popularity increased as a result of its relocation to the farm, attracting over 16,000 visitors that first summer. The team at the Historic Wagner Farm is constantly developing and incorporating new programs and activities to give visitors a taste of farm life in the past and to teach them about the critical role farming continues to play in all of our lives today.


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