Colonel Palmer House

Colonel Palmer House can be your partner to celebrate parties and other special events. It is located in Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake. It is a historic structure that can be a great venue for parties. It has an extraordinary partnership with the Crystal Lake Park District, City of Crystal Lake as well as The Crystal Lake Historical Society. In fact, their partnership gained the 2009 Small Institution of the Year Award from the Illinois Association of Museums.

A perfect venue for birthday parties

Colonel Palmer House is a perfect place for celebrating various occasions such as birthday parties. They have a staff that will host your special event. You can also choose the theme of your birthday party.

Victorian birthday

You and your guests can enjoy your Victorian birthday party. The luncheon may include 3 finger sandwiches, seasonal fruit, tea, and 3 delectable desserts. There will be a dining etiquette and lively parlor games that can be enjoyed by the guests. In this option, the maximum number of guests is about 25. The party times are available on Sundays and Saturdays.

Fairy birthday

You can also choose to celebrate the birthday of your child with a fairy birthday party for 4 year old kids and above. At this party, the celebrant and guests will experience a fantasy world of fairies with their short fairy presentation as well as fairy-themed crafts.

Accommodating staff

The Colonel Palmer House has a flexible staff that can offer you the best accommodation for your specific needs. You’re free to give your suggestions and what you want for your birthday party plan. You can reserve a party by contacting their Facility manager.

Various programs

Another unique feature of Colonel Palmer House is that they offer different programs and activities that you will enjoy. Their programs highlight local history. Among the favorites of people of all ages include Victorian Holiday Tea, Mother-Daughter Tea, Sweetheart Tea, and Lunch & Learns. The team of the Colonel Palmer House also holds 1-day seminar like Research Your Crystal Lake Home and other historical craft programs.

Scout/ School programs

They also offer comprehensive school and scout programs. They have programs for cub scouts, boy scouts, and girl scouts.


The Colonel Palmer House also offers volunteer opportunities. These include Teas (February, April, October), Midsommar Fest (June), and Crystal Lake Historical Society (Year Round). The program is welcome for junior and senior high school students, college students, National Honor Society members, and community service.


The site is also open for rentals. They provide catered tea. If you need a venue for your club’s meetings, the Colonel Palmer House is a good venue. The staff of the house will arrange the program and tour you in the home. The location is ideal for birthday parties, historic guilds and groups, and bridal showers and baby showers.

If you want to celebrate your important events in a unique and fun way, it is time for you to try the service of the Colonel Palmer House. They have a dedicated staff that will meet your needs and satisfaction for your event. Call them today!

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